Accounting advice

»Implementation of Internal Accounting;
»Accounting / Tax Analysis.

Accounting advice

Accounting Advisory

Performing a rigorous analysis of the numbers of a business and complying with tax and tax obligations can be simpler than you think. And, with the accounting advisory service, it is possible to simplify your company's routine.


Accounting advice for the implementation of an internal department

For entrepreneurs, having an internal accounting department is extremely important. After all, this means having professionals aligned with the prospects of business success and focused on understanding fundraising, the specificity of the company and improving its development. And Olírica Cunha can help you! We take care of the selection of professionals, offering adequate training, monitoring and technical support in order to form a highly qualified team.


Accounting and tax analysis service

Regardless of whether your company today has an internal or outsourced department, our accounting and tax analysis serves to monitor and evaluate the results. It is therefore ideal for increasing the quality of accounting services and reducing errors and / or fines.


Olírica Cunha works actively analyzing and interpreting all the daily factors of your business routine. Thus, through the verification of the accounting result and the correct payment of taxes, it can generate relevant information that helps the entrepreneur in making decisions.

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