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Accountant, Postgraduate in Business Law, Master in Accounting Sciences, active in the accounting area since 1984, the year in which she started her career as an accounting professional, specifically in the area of costs and industrial controllership, Specializing in Tax Incentives of the Spirit Santo (Fundap, Invest Importação, Invest Indústria, Compete Wholesaler, Compete e-Commerce, various other types of Compete offered by the State of Espírito Santo and obtaining Sudene's Tax Incentive). Acting in the area of prospecting financial resources with development banks and tax planning with a focus on maximizing profits, optimizing tax benefits based on tax legislation. Extensive knowledge in the implementation of companies, including in the form of Corporations. Leader of a team specialized in the practice and legislation of tax incentives, including parameterization of company systems, tax and accounting bookkeeping and preparation of calculations of benefits enjoyed by companies, which translates into the validations of the respective calculation spreadsheets when subject to inspection by the State Revenue Service. Professional who values ethics and diligence in the provision of services, transparency, the relentless pursuit of knowledge, truly passionate about accounting and the dissemination of knowledge through the exercise of teaching and explanation on all subjects covered by his expertise, acquired since the beginning 1980s, which, in essence, makes her an eternal teacher and mentor to her students and followers.

CRC ES 6218 / O-3



  • Sub-accountant - Grupo Flexibrás | March-1989 to 1991;
  • Founding Partner - Business Advisory and Accounting Cunha e Associados | March-1992 to 2009;
  • Business Partner - Ernst & Young | July-1995 to 2000;
  • Coordinator of a Higher Course in Accounting Sciences - Faculty of Human Sciences of Vitória | March-1997 to 2003;
  • Olírica Cunha Fiscal Incentives ES - CEO | May-2009.


  • Heach RH - Knowledge Ambassador for the Better Heach World.



  • Vila Velha University - UVV - Bachelor of Science in Accounting | 1986-1989;
  • Vila Velha University - UVV - Postgraduate in Business Law | 1993-1994;
  • Professor Nelson Abel de Almeida Institute - Master in Accounting Sciences | 1999-2000.




  • Professor and TCC Advisor at Faesa Pós-Graduação;
  • Speaker at the company Sescon Espirito Santo;
  • Speaker at Educação Fiscal Vitoria ES;
  • Speaker at the company CRC - ES Regional Accounting Council of Espírito Santo.




  • Regional Accounting Council Espírito Santo (CRC-ES) - Vice President of professional development | 1994-2003;
  • Sisters of Charity Sisters of Calcutta - Volunteer | 2003-2008.


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