Business consultant specialized in obtaining tax incentives.

Professor and TCC advisor at Faesa Post-Graduation, worked as Vice President of Professional Development at CRC - ES Regional Accounting Council of Espírito Santo



With over 30 years of experience, she is able to offer advice from tax planning with study of the layout of the company's operations, to identify greater possibility of profit and tax savings. We also set up and register the company with the competent bodies, advising on fundraising from BANDES / BNDES and Banco do Nordeste (SUDENE area).

We offer solutions for the implantation and / or continuity of projects in Espírito Santo using Tax and Financial Incentives

The state

Espírito Santo is a geographically privileged state.

Its location is strategic, because, in a radius of a thousand kilometers, it involves the main centers of national production and consumption such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Brasília, where most of the national GDP is located.

The State has excellent availability of ports, a well-developed rail network and easy road access to the rest of the country. In addition to these characteristics, Espírito Santo offers profitable Tax and Financial Incentives.

Espírito Santo is a geographically privileged state.